Our most important request is to treat our property is if it were your own. This property means the world to us and we love the fact that we can share this special place with other families that want to make lasting family memories on the lake


      Begins no earlier than 5:00 p.m. on the check-in day noted in the lease. The owner makes every effort to ensure that unit is clean and ready for occupancy by check-in time; however, in some instances it may be necessary to delay occupancy until the unit is ready.


      All units must be vacated by 10:00 a.m. on the check-out day noted in the lease (THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY). An extra day’s rent will be charged and pulled from security deposit for late checkouts. The owner’s inspection team require your timely departure, so that the unit can be prepared for the next tenants. Tenant is responsible for straightening all furniture, cleaning dishes, taking out trash, and leaving the unit in good order. Please strip the used beds of the fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow cases, and leave on top of the bed.

      Please ensure you’ve packed all your belongings before checking out. Owner will not be responsible for any items left in the rental property.


      Parties and large gatherings are not permitted. The property is for the use and enjoyment of those renting the property.


      Pets of any kind are not permitted at our rental property.


      Smoking is strictly prohibited inside either house, on the decks, docks, and anywhere on the lake side of the house. Neighboring properties are too close and smoke is pulled into neighbors houses with window fans. Guests who must smoke may do so outside the front of the house near the garage on West Lake Road.

      DAMAGE DEPOSIT ($1000)

      Tenant agrees to be responsible for damages to the premises during the period of tenancy, including damages to the furnishings and household items resulting from the acts or inaction of the Tenant or their invitees, but excluding normal wear and tear. It is the Tenant’s responsibility to report to Owner upon arrival any damages found or any repairs required.  The purpose of the damage deposit is to protect the dwelling and contents from unintended or negligent damages and/or the dwelling being left abnormally dirty resulting in excessive cleaning costs. The unit is carefully inspected after each rental. The damage deposit may also be applied to any additional or unpaid charges incurred by the Tenant during the term of this lease. In addition, Tenant agrees to reimburse Owner for any damage expenses incurred in excess of the damage deposit, including collection costs and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred. Damage deposits will be processed for return not less than thirty (30) days after checkout.


      Tenancy is reserved for family groups only, as authorized by owner. The max occupancy varies depending on the number of adults and number of children. Occupancy is based on two people per Queen/King/Double bed, 1 person per twin bed. Total occupancy will be referenced in the final page of rental agreement. Exceeding the agreed to occupancy may result in forfeiture of your security deposit.


      The maximum vehicle parking is 8 vehicles. please see below diagram. Parking in any neighbors parking is strictly prohibited. Vehicles parked in neighbors spots will be towed at your expense.


      A small initial supply of toilet paper and paper towels will be provided. however, if you are staying for more than two nights, you will need to purchase additional supplies at a local store


      Guests MUST use toilet paper only in the toilets. Feminine products, paper towels, and anything other than toilet paper will damage the pump grinder required to pump sewage out of the property. If damaged, these items are visible at the time of repair and the entire cost of repair will be the responsibility of the tenants.


      Garbage is picked up MONDAY at 5AM. Guests are responsible for ensuring that garbage is put to curb on Sunday night. regularly remove garbage from the the house. There are 3 garbage cans to the right of the garage. Many guest will arrive Saturday and will not have accumulated much of their own garbage. HOWEVER, you must ensure the garbage goes out on Sunday night even though some of the trash is from the prior guests.

      Guests are responsible for emptying their indoor trash bins in the outside containers upon departure.


      Unlike many rentals, we provide fresh linens and bath towels for our guests. In order to make this work, we require guest to start a FULL load dirty towels in each of the 3 washer/dryers the morning of departure. Turning over a property of this size is a tall task for our cleaners and requires a little help to get the laundry started. Guest  are also responsible for cleaning their dishes before departure. Dishwasher machine and detergent are provided. Please also strip any used bed sheets/pillow cases and place at the base of the beds.


      Properties on the lake are very close. PLEASE treat our neighbors with respect and courtesy. Please try to refrain from using vulgar language when outside. Also, we ask that guests do not cast fishing lines and lures towards neighboring docks. It is tempting to fish under neighboring docks but they frequently caught on neighboring docks and boats. Please cast lures out across the lake or in-between the two docks that are part of our property.

      Beyond 10pm, music may not be played outside and sliding doors on upper deck must be closed to prevent disturbing neighbors.


      Property will be inspected after departure. Missing items and damage to property or furniture will be taken from deposit and or charged to credit card on file.

      Tenants must ensure that grill covers, lounge chair covers and Adirondack chairs are put back in place after use. Umbrellas must also be put down and set on the ground when not in use. Wind gusts can come out of nowhere at the lake quickly blow these item away or into the lake.


      Locked closets and garage are not available to Tenants or their invitees. The doors are checked after each rental departure. If the doors have been tampered with, Tenant will be billed for any required repairs and missing and damaged items.


      Guests MUST request approval to brings boats and PWC’s to the property. There is limited space and capacity and we need to ensure that our docks can accommodate your boat or PWC. YOU MUST KNOW AND PROVIDE THE MAKE, LENGTH and WEIGHT OF YOUR BOAT IN ADVANCE IN ORDER TO BRING A BOAT.


      There are multiple OUTDOOR security cameras on the property. These intended for the safety and protection of our property, and our guests. Cameras are all in outside, highly visible locations where there is no expectation of privacy.


      Every reasonable effort is made to keep the property and its equipment in good working order. Notify owner promptly of any property issues. We will make every effort to correct problems within a reasonable time. Replacements are not provided. There will be NO REFUND given for inoperable appliances, malfunctioning mechanical systems, and faulty equipment, including HVAC systems. Owner has the right to reasonably inspect the property during your occupancy and to make repairs to its fixtures, appliances, furnishings, and facilities during your rental period.


      We have a strict cancelation/refund policy. Renters are strongly encouraged to review rental dates thoroughly with all guests. As a multi-family property, the majority of our guests book 9-12 months in advance. Securing a booking with short notice after a cancellation is very difficult. In the event of cancellation, renters/tenants understand that they will not receive a refund of their initial payment/deposit unless the property is rebooked for the same week.

      FAILURE to abide by this policies of this rental agreement may result in being asked to leave the property early before scheduled checkout date. In this event any payments and deposit would be forfeited.


      1. A) This agreement shall not be binding unless and until owner has received deposit and all payments have cleared owner’s financial institution. Tenant acknowledges that they may not have access to the leased property until the full rental amount set forth herein has been paid and until check-in date on this lease.
      2. B) Every effort has been made to assure that the information in this agreement and Internet listings is correct. Owner cannot be held responsible for changes made or advertising errors. Owner makes every effort to relay property information via pictures, descriptions, relative pricing, and website. There will be NO REFUNDS due to property advertising discrepancies.
      3. C) This agreement may not be assigned by Tenant without the written consent of Owner.
      4. D) This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, without consideration of its conflicts of law provisions. If any provision of this Agreement is adjudged to be void or otherwise unenforceable, in whole or in part, the parties agree that such adjudication shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the Agreement. The parties agree that the Court for Yates County shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and decide any dispute between or among the parties arising out of or related to this Agreement. Should Tenant fail to comply with any term of this Agreement, Owner will be entitled to recover any damages or costs incurred as a result of such non-compliance, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

      NOTICE: This is a legally binding contract. If not understood, seek legal advice.


      Guests MUST request approval to brings boats and PWC’s to the property. There is limited space and capacity and we need to ensure that our docks can accommodate your boat or PWC. YOU MUST KNOW AND PROVIDE THE MAKE, LENGTH and WEIGHT OF YOUR BOAT IN ADVANCE IN ORDER TO BRING A BOAT.

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